I released a song yesterday

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I released a song yesterday

Postby FilipHolm » April 25th, 2013, 9:39 am

So yesterday I released a song on YouTube and and Soundcloud (It should also be available on Spotify and iTunes in the coming days). The song is called "Silent" and deals with genocide, from Sudan to Rwanda and was released yesterday specifically because it was the day of commemoration for the armenian genocide of 1915. I would love for you all to check it out, tell me what you think, and share with friends if you like it :)


( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUqPDBpJ8I4 )


The youtube one has a video that comes along with it, a visual representation of the song if you will. But the sound quality on the video is not as good as it's supposed to be, so forgive that.


Genocide is a word that certainly hasn't been around for very long. But a concept that has existed throughout the history of man. From the Spanish invasion of South America in the 1500's to the holocaust, the Armenian Genocide from 1915-1922, and recently the crimes committed in Sudan, man has always had a thirst for violent colonization since the very dawn of civilization. And it is indeed a human invention, surely born from the greed and self-indulgence of the evolved human "intelligence".

Of course, the animals fight over territory just like us, they kill and hunt for food, and can be just as opposed to difference as some of us tend to be. What differentiates the nature of man from that of the rest of earths inhabitants, is they don't kill over skin color, they don't murder because of difference in beliefs or nationality. That is where our nature takes a left turn, and suddenly it is not nature anymore.
The people in Darfur are still struggling to get their lives back on track, and Sudan has recently parted their country into "Sudan" and "South Sudan", a conflict that has now instead turned into a heated conflict between nations, over oil for a change.
The government of Sudan is still to this day performing aerial bombings and are murdering the African population in the Nuba Mountains, a part of South Kordofan, and Blue Nile. Civil war or genocide, innocent people are being targeted and killed on a daily basis, and it has to stop. People shouldn't have to live and hide in mountain cracks, too afraid to step outside because of the fear to be killed by bombs falling from the sky. Or starve to death because the food is running out and the government is blocking all humanitarian access to the areas.
While all this is going on, there was, and is, almost absolutely nothing I could find about it in any of the controlled news media. It is as if nothing is happening at all. Should one really have to look so hard for news with such importance? Almost ten years ago, another genocide accrued in Darfur, also part of Sudan, and ten years prior to that, Rwanda. Unlike Sudan, a good number of people actually know about these events, but sadly not nearly enough for something so important and outright horrific. Much thanks to the non-interest of the western governments and it's media. See, this is how it always works. If it's not in the nations interest, you're not really supposed to know about it. It draws your attention from the reality tv's, propaganda and force-feed advertising we are constantly being bombarded with.
It all becomes like a dream, or a fictional world that we shouldn't care about. It isn't until you actually see the images, the videos of people being brutally shot to death or receiving multiple blows to the head with an iron pipe while lying face down in the sand. It isn't until you see the panic and the fear in the eyes of fellow human beings that you realize that this isn't a reality show, this isn't a Hollywood movie, this is all real. And dammit if we shouldn't do everything in our power to stop it.

Even more appropriate today,the Armenians have been forced to live with denial for a hundred years, after over a million of their people were killed between 1915-1922. Today (April 24th, 2013) marks 98 years since these crimes were committed. And serves as a fitting day to release this track. This is a genocide that happened before the word existed. A genocide denied by not only those responsible, but to this day major nations of the world refuse to recognize it as just that. Why does it appear that no one (mainly politicians) wants to touch this word even with a stick? It is a necessary word, because it is a real thing. It exists and it's happening, over and over again. The fact that we can't stand up and tell our self and each other that this is real, that this happened and is happening, is the most dangerous thing of all. After all, how are we supposed learn from our mistakes if we can't even recognize they were made in the first place? Over a million human beings erased and enslaved in one event and only a handful of people actually know about it. This is partly why, today, we're releasing this track together with this message of love and peace. Share it with your friends, educate and love each other, no matter where you're from, or your background. We can't let things like this happen again and again, that's why we need to make sure everyone knows about it, that everyone can see the huge mistakes we've made in the past in order to prevent them from happening again. Take this moment to stop and think, really think, about where we are as people, how far we have come and yet how much we still have to learn, how we are moving so fast we're forgetting some of our friends along the way, how some people have everything while others have nothing, and what we can do to make everything better.


Do you hear that deafening silence?
Can you see their lasting tears?

When you recall that faded memory
Or all the ones that have yet to come

Of all the voices left to die
Not reaching all but rather some

Do you hear that deafening silence?
Can you see their lasting tears?
Do you feel the cold and vacant breathing
Of those once here, that are no more
They are no more
Music and lyrics: Filip Holm

Produced by:
Filip Holm
Aiat Almansour

Mixed by:
Aiat Almansour

Mastered by:
Mattias Holmlund

Christoffer Morales

Michael Clawson


© 2013 Ini Music
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